Friday, July 16, 2010

Back just for a second...

Its a brief probably Merlot/Almost Famous DVD fueled entry to boost my writing inspiration. But can we please give a hand to any musician who has taken the path of music to express him or herself? I mean honestly rip open their insides to expose what is beating in their hearts, what is haunting their dreams. Please excuse my spelling errors but I am so inspired I am typing so quickly.
I personally find music to express words of love that I myself can not express and right now "How wonderful my life is now that your in the world" is what is speaking to me.
I guess what this blog needs is not only to save rock and roll but music in general. We need to harvest the poets, the lovers, the dreamers who speak with music of our generations and speak to the world. Parents expose your kids to the arts. Let them write, let them paint, let them sing! Because someday some silly lonely housewife could connect to one of your children's songs. She could dedicate it to her husband out there in the world who is working hard for his family.

Lets dream.


  1. Thats what I love about music. It inspires and teaches you lessons, at least the music I listen to. Now when I get inspiration or when im having strong feelings I write down phrases and sentences of what I'm feeling. I listen to music that really relates to the mood im feeling and it makes me happy and inspires me. And its not only the words or singing. The guitars, bass, drums, and other instruments and sounds bring the song together to create a masterpiece.
    Last week I attended a lunchon for to encourage women to go into the science and technology fields. I'm a psychology major but im doing a BA and not a BS but i was invited so i went. The president of the university told me I should do a BS and go into science and I told her no. People should do whatever they want. Music helps because like i said it can inspire and help guide you.
    Point is, I agree with you lol :)