Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning...

'ello all,

I am rolling out off bed into the world a little later then hoped, but I couldn't sleep last night. After I wrote my first post there were so many ideas, topics, things I wanted to say running through my head until around 3am. I want everyone to know this is an open forum. Feel free to chime in at anytime. I am not a critic, a publicist, or a teacher who has studied the subject I am just someone who bleeds music. And that might not mean anything to some people but it means a lot to me and since this is my blog I win ;)

So as I start may day off with my morning coffee and wheat english muffin with sugar free jam I wanted to hear some music. I figured to give the good 'ol music television a try. Imagine my disappointment when all that is available right now is Fantasia for Real or Americas Best Dance Crew. I could hold off for 30 minutes to see Roll Bounce on VH1 or Jersey Shore on MTV. Do not even get me started on Jersey Shore. Fuse comes in for the win since they are playing videos for their Grammy Countdown. Only 1/3 of our "music" channels are actually playing music. That is a huge reason why we are seeing a little piece of R&R falling away each and every day.

We wont let it! We wont be silent! Viva la Rock and Roll Revolucion!


  1. I agree with you sister! Last time I checked, mtv stood for music television. They should play some f-ing music!

    P.S.sorry for my bad language

  2. haha, no harm no foul. I completely agree though. Whatever happened to headbangers ball? I know, it was replaced with hip-hop/rap crap, then THAT crap was replaced with reality TV crap. They definitely need to play some f-ing music.

  3. all music is good music, and I have NO idea how I stumbled across this blog.


    british rock n roll lives on, just gotta go underground in london town.