Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lets get acquainted

I am starting my first blog as a cry, a cry to society as a whole to understand that we have an endangered species. A slowly dying, beautiful, but at this time, weak light that seems to dim with each passing day. Friends, rock and roll is in a decline. With the listeners streaming, burning, you tubing, stealing and Pod-ripping we have contributed to the murder of an art form. With music stations turning away from what made them to the awful world of capitalism and reality TV. Do you know MTV had an entire day devoted to 16 and Pregnant?! I found myself disgusted to see that MUSIC TELEVISION played absolutely NO music during its prime time programing. Its a sad day.
My name is Ashley Jean. I am a lover of music. I love all music, however Rock and roll pumps through my veins and it seems to be the most under appreciated sector in the industry. If you haven't made it then society is making it very difficult to. There are so many artists who's music needs to be heard. There is another cultural movement sound checking in a basement somewhere. Or the next big thing is touring across the USA playing seedy venues because a record label wont put the money or time into allowing them to be played on your radio. Your ears will never hear them. We are standing in the face of the watered down, force-fed music that the industry can guarantee to make money off of or has already made money off of. That my friends, is all that will stream through your radio and play on TV.
Now please don't get my wrong because I love some of that watered down material, however, there is a diamond in the rough every now and again. The little engine that could that someone somewhere believed in and they catch on then finally Finally! the world can hear something different. This is the only thing that is keeping music as a whole intact.
This blog will be a place where I will be able to voice my thoughts on a dwindling art. I can wish on a star that someone somewhere will hear it. And if it reaches one person then I am happy. Because its the same with any cause, if just one person hears you then you have made some difference. I am not speaking as an intellectual or a music expert. All you will hear is one voice, one opinion but with one heart I will follow a cause. That cause is to educate and ask for help in order to save the music. So will you join the movement?


  1. I agree!
    It's sad too that a lot of people are also very close minded about music, they'll listen to one type and bash everything else.

  2. you are one of thee most inspiring women I have ever met. thank you, ashley. thank you for advice, your passion, and enthusiasm.
    xo shannon brooke

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  4. I completely agree with you. It saddens me to see what MTV has become too. And I get really mad to see all these non-talented musicians have record deals and have the opportunity to perform for a huge crowd and all they do is embarrass themselves. While there is very talented musicians out there trying to get their music out there and never lose hope that one day their music will be heard.
    I love music its everything to me and I think its a joke to see what the music industry is becoming. It used to be like this person or musician is really great lets get them out there so they can be heard and make money off it. And now its more about hey this person is good looking with a face like this we can sale all we have to do is make up nonsense beats and edit their voice.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    P.s. Both your husband and you are a great influence on me I admire you guys so much.
    I admire your hubby cause his bands music helped me find pieces to myself and I admire you for the way you see the world.
    Ok I'm done here =]

  5. Saw you on Brandon's tweet - would like to talk to you about a writing position for a online LA music

  6. Music is very important in my life, its like its in my genetics. When I was in my moms womb, they would play the beatles to me. Ever since then, I've been into music. I love the Beatles, I love Atreyu, and many others who create their music and write with meaning. Thank you for starting this blog because its true what is happening to rock and roll. I'm totally with you and here to back you up!

  7. Here's a couple of my posts about my beloved rock 'n' roll. Excited to read your blog and respond:)

  8. Dios nos guarde Rock and Roll! You are so right, every music sound should be heard. Keep writing, you are an inspiration.

  9. LOL fucking Atreyu talking about the death of rock n' roll. You fashioncore faggots killed it.

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