Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the movement begins..

Hello friends.
I have to say the outpouring of support to this blog has been overwhelming. I can see there is a passion inside everyone that wants to keep music alive, to encourage people and uplift a deteriorating art. With your help it will happen. We can change the way music is heard and how it reaches the people. I again just want to clarify what I am doing here: All I am is a person who loves music and wants to make sure that I grow old knowing that rock and roll hasn't lost its integrity and still gets the credit it deserves. It is so easy to be overshadowed and disregarded by flash in the pan trends of the music industry. I just don't want to see that happen. I don't want our music television to be bullied by reality TV. I don't want our radio stations to ONLY play the top 3 requested singles that are on the Billboard 100 chart. I want everyone to be exposed to all the beautiful art that is out there.
This site is NOT an advertisement for my husband. This is is NOT a place that I will criticize your beliefs or opinions in music (EX: I will not reviewing records) I may suggest something that has touched me and share music that I love but it is only an opinion so take it as you will.
And it is NOT a place where I will place blame on any fan of art. I just want to point out what has been wrong in the past and come up with solutions to resolve the decline. I want this blog to be the match that starts a beautiful flame that will spread all over and reach many. We can band together and eventually we will see change.

Thank you all again from the bottom of this rock and roll heart. Keep coming back and lets
Save rock and roll!!!


  1. It's going to take some time though. We should do more than just post a few tweets about it. Try and get on the radio/etc. I'm sure that if you went on college radio stations, you're voice will be heard even more. I know one person who is willing to do an interview with you about this subject and put it on the air. My friend, and our guitarist, Justin is a DJ at WIXQ (Millersville) and I know he would definitely love to interview you.


  2. Not sure if you caught this but on Monday MTV officially decided to end the shame they've been running for years and removed the "Music Television" from their logo. I guess MTV just stands for Mediocre Television now.