Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy weekend friends! I hope you are well...

I want to open this blog up to a more interactive forum now. I would love to know what are some of your greatest memories in music? Is there one song that brings flashbacks? Or what was your first concert? It is amazing how one single song can effect our emotions. There have been many times where I have heard a song or been at a show and my skin is sent into instant goosebumps. I have even had tears in my eyes a few times. Music can do that to us, it can shake us down to our core. And it is the soundtrack to our lives. Feel free to share any songs, any shows, I don't care if its punk-rock, hardcore, metal, pop-punk, whatever. The label isn't what matters its just the music...

I cant wait to hear what you all have to say.

Have a great weekend everyone and lets Save Rock and Roll.

“You need music. I don’t know why. It’s probably one of those Joseph Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic and bliss and power and myth and celebration and religion in our lives and music encapsulates a lot of it.”~Jerry Garcia


  1. The music is love, passion, sex, power, sould, religion... is all I need. Save Rock and Roll foREVer

  2. My parents are huge Beatle fans and they have all their records. They would play the Beatles while I was in my mothers womb and I would kick to the beat of the song. As long as I can remember, I've always listened to the Beatles. When I listen to their songs, I get strong emotions.Their music has me reflect the good times when we were young where me and my three older brothers would westle while 'Dear Prudence' would play in the background and I remember my dad yelling at my brothers: "Don't hurt her." However, I always loved the song 'Something' and I told myself when I get married I want to dance to that song. Well my first love sang me that song and it kinda ruined it for me since were no longer together lol. But all the music I listen to makes me feel something and it's just really powerful. Like they said in Hey Jude; "Take a sad song and make it better."

  3. My first real concert...was Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu in '08. I can remember it like it was yesterday; the tears in my eyes and the way I screamed until my throat felt like it was bleeding. They're my two favorite bands. It was like heaven.

    Looking back now, the memory both breaks my heart and brings the widest smile to my face. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

  4. Hi, I'm Angela. I love your blog.
    The first song I ever fell in love with was Butterfly Kisses, and I was five-years-old when I first heard it.
    I didn't listen to much music as a kid, whatever came on the radio.
    My first cd was Now 4, I'm pretty sure it had Backstreet Boys on it.
    My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus when I was 9 or 10 because my mom liked the t.v. shows he was in. He signed my little denim vest that I wore.
    I started listening to country when I was in 6th or 7th grade. My first country cd was Martina McBride, and I still listen to it sometimes. Her song "God's Will" really inspires me because I work with children with special needs.
    The summer before eighth grade when I was 13-years-old, I fell in love with Stone Sour, System of a Down, and My Chemical Romance all around the same time.
    I went to a My Chemical Romance concert when I was in 10th grade, I consider it my first real concert. I had a panic attack because I was separated from my friends and I didn't like being in a big crowd.
    Seeing Stone Sour was probably my most amazing concert experience, but I go to shows whenever I can. I like to promote music.
    I think the song Bother by Stone Sour saved my life. Music has always been able to help me get through hard times. It also helps me understand myself.
    Right now I'm listening a lot to The Dangerous Summer's cd Reach for the Sun, Be Your Own Pet's cd Get Awkward, Atreyu's cd Congregation of the Damned, Kiro's cd A Single Strand, and Jamestown Story.
    I listen to a lot of different bands now as long as I can relate to the lyrics. I don't listen to one particular type of music.
    My identical twin loves country, and I want to take her to a Taylor Swift concert some time.
    My older sister likes rock and metal and such.
    My little brother likes rap/reggae.

  5. I remember hearing Good Charlotte's "Emotionless" for the very first times. As you may (or may not) know, the song is about their father leaving, about the hurt it left and such. I could so very much relate to the words. Our situations are very different, but the music did something to me. It gave me goosebumps, it made me cry. They put in words what I never could. And they put those words into a beautiful song. The CD has been out since 2002 but I have honestly not listened to that song more than 10x up til now. It is just too hard. Music can be a great way to express your feelings and deal with things and I think it's great that Benji and Joel did. I have never been given the chance to just say 'thank you' for writing that song, so if they read this, thank you. It is probably the most meaningful song to me.

    I don't know if this was the respond you were waiting for, but I wanted to share.

  6. Well my first concert performance wise was shocking. Sometimes still shocking when I go to that back to that memory. Now when I say shocking I mean I thought I was dreaming. I saw Creed on the Weathered Tour of 2002. I saw them with Sevendust and 12 Stones. Since then I have gotten into both Sevendust and 12 Stones. I felt like I was watching a music video when Creed came out. A Creed related song always makes me happy. Also Submersed makes me happy. Linkin Park, Atreyu, Brett Hestla, Finger Eleven, Corey Taylor, 12 Stones, Flyleaf, Eric Victorino, Atomship, and Shinedown always lift me up.

  7. I second The Dangerous Summer. They're fantastic. Reach For the Sun is the best album I've heard in a long time.

    But the best show I've ever been to would probably be Say Anything at The El Rey when they were still touring off of Is A Real Boy. It was one of the very few shows where I saw hardly any cell phones or cameras out, people were just totally focused on the music and singing along. :)

  8. seeing Slipknot for the 1st time at the Hollywood Palladium back in April of 2000. they do this thing at every show, where they make the crowd sit down and jump up all at once. i rememeber that moment when everybody was down, waiting for Corey to let us up, i was smack dab in the middle of the pit filled with 3000 sweaty bloody kids waiting in anticipation. i sat there turning my head left to right looking at everybody and felt for the 1st time in my life: i'm home, and this is my family.

  9. The first gig I ever went to was CKY back in 2006 in Melbourne. They were killer live, but more than that, they came out and hung out with everyone before and after the gig. They signed my car, and Chad layed down all sexy like on it. They were the nicest people and they had all the time in the world for us fans. I will never forget that day and it makes me smile everytime I think about it.

    I have seen heaps of great bands (Avenged Sevenfold, Pink, Slipknot, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Muse, Machine Head etc) but this gig was and probably always will be, the best gig I have ever been to.

    Made me love them a million times more than I already did.

  10. music has bored me for quite some time now. but when i saw fever ray's video for "stranger than kindness", i got goosebumps...and still to this day i have the same reaction.

  11. When I wet to the Avenged Sevenfold concert back in November 2008 they played Dear God and they are my all time favorite band I don't know if it was because I was seeing them for the first time or if it was because it was so amazing live. I cried a little bit, me and my friend both did. Whenever I seen Motley Crue for the first time in Summer 2009 (another one of my personal favorite full of my heroes) I cried during the encore Home Sweet Home, it was so beautiful and touching a moment I will never forget in my life. And finally, whenever I seen Shinedown a couple days ago right before they played one of their songs What a Shame their singer said "people out here, in the crowd have lost someone close to them from cancer" my friend who was with me at the time lost her mother to cancer, someone I loved deeply as well. We held each other and cried.

    Music does this strange thing to me, in person whenever I hear songs that mean the most to me I always let out some tears.

  12. the most memorable time in my life was 2008 at my first ever concert (sad to say as i was 25 atm lol) but for years (after a major car accident) i couldn't go out without having a panic attack n leaving shortly after in tears with my stomach in my throat. Jan 2008 I found a brisbane band Dead Letter Circus on myspace n from the first second i heard them play i was hooked..their energy their passion their whole lyrical attitude was amazing, i bought myself a ticket on impulse not knowing that it was sending me to a lot more then a concert but to a healing i'd never experienced before. For the first time in 9yrs was going out and having the best night of my life and finding that if i wanted to do something badly enough i really could get past all the panic/anxiety and have fun. And i did i had a blast, best thing about it is i now enjoy going out and everytime i need to go somewhere i think back to that night and tell myself i've done this before i can do it again and i do and it's great and now i can go back to a normal fun filled life with my kids n family and friends. No amount of therapy/meds did for me what their music has.

  13. So I am 17 years old right now. I had never really been into music. I just listened to Q102 and Kiss107 (Cincy's pop/rap stations). I never really knew all of the amazing possibilities there were when it came to music. But my friend was a big saving abel fan. I liked one of their songs but other than that they didn't really do a whole lot for me. Well, Saving able was coming to kentucky (a short drive from cincy) and she really wanted to go and she asked me to join her. I figured it couldnt hurt anything so I went obviously having no idea what affect it would have on me. So saving Abel took the stage. They were ok. But I found myself very bored. Then a little group called papa roach went on. The lead singer was quite entertaining and I found that I knew a couple of songs of theirs from the radio. After that Buckcherry went on. They completely repulsed me. But then, I heard an organ. And then the lights came on to reveal the last band. A cute guitarist was on the left. The lead singer equally as cute. The drummer was out of his mind insane. The guitarist on the right was easily the most beautiful thing I've ever had the privelage to see. And I actually didn't really notice the bass player (sorry johnny...). I listened intently to their whole set, finding myself lost in the music. But it felt good. It was refreshing and euphoric. For once in my life everything felt absolutely right. The stars aligned and I found a band that was more than a band. This band opened my eyes to the world of music. And from there I started listening to other rock music. The second I got home from the concert (even though it was 3 am and a school night) I looked up this amazing band and downloaded all of their music. I learned their names and where they came from and I found myself addicted. Addicted to their music and them as people. I had always gone by the preconcieved notion that heavily tatooed people with black eyeliner and black nail polish were scary, mean people. But learning more about them made me realize that you have to look beyond what someone looks like. Without knowing it, this band while writing and releasing music was teaching me important life lessons through their music and even their looks. Now, I can quite easily say music is my life. I am addicted to finding new unique styles of it and learning all I can but more importantly listening and enjoying it. Its amazing that words put to a meloldy in so many different ways can evoke so many emotions out of you. They can leave you feeling mad or sad or happy or just make you think. It teaches us lessons and provides us with pleasure. If it weren't for the band Avenged Sevenfold, I wouldn't be appreciating life the way I do now.

    Rest in Peace Rev

  14. One song that always gives me flashbacks of the good times and gives me goosebumps and can make me either cry and want to bang my head on something or just be extremely happy and careless is "Perfect Situation" by Weezer. That song has a deep meaning for me. I don't know why it just does. Its probably because I can relate to it a lot. I remember the first time I went to go see my Favorite band(which happens to be Atreyu) I was in total shock and couldn't believe I was actually seeing them play. When they played my favorite song I can't even describe how I felt. After the show I still couldn't believe that I had just seen them perform.

  15. Hello!
    The year was 1998 and i was in a front row.... The man himself, Micheal Jackson was front of me and he was singing and dancing like a God. I was 14 at the time. It was amazing feeling to turn around and look behind me. About 50.000 people was behind me, it was a huge thing to "little girl". The show was great, he was truly the best entertainer. I dont believe that we wont ever see anything like him.

    Ten years later summer of 2008, at the same stadion and again at the front row, but this time it was another god who was standing front of me. It was "The Ultimate Iron Throat himself, Bruce the God Dickinson. Im speechless when I´m thinking that gig. They gave their best to audience, it is almost impossible to believe how can they still play with a that much passion.

    Iron maiden was awesome,im speechless about that....

    But at the same day i found something what has been part of me every since.

    Avenged Sevenfold

    5 guys was standing in front of me. at first i remember thinking that please play your set already and let the real band take over the stage...but....

    When their first song was over i found my self wondering what a hell just happend, my heart was bouncing and i found myself hoping that "please let their second song be as good as the first one" :)

    and when the 4th song was over i found my self hoping that if tehir set could be a little bit longer. :) And when the hole set was over i got scared my thoughts.
    I was thinking "maybe bruce can wait just a little bit longer, i want to hear (and of course watch, i am woman after all) them much more!

    i got little sad, but of course Bruce made me forget, at least for a while ;)

    Every one of the guys in A7x are great musicians. They can play and sing TOGETHER better than anything that i have heard before.

    And they are enjoying what they are doing, you can see it when you are watching their show, or if you just listen their songs. They are like a match made in a "Band heaven." You can see how close they are to each other.

    Now, the Rev is gone, i dont know what is going to happend to the band. But whatever will happend, i will alway be grateful to them for their epic music.

    Sorry for my bad English, i hope that you understood something.


  16. My husband of 6 years proposed to me in 2003 at an AFI show, while the boys played "Morning Star". He got down on one knee as I heard "will you believe in me tonight"—ah! It was beautiful and I can't listen to the song without crying. I even cried at my first AFI show in 1994, they just move me.

    I also always get goosebumps at a certain moment in Cheap Trick's song "He's A Whore". It's like the chord progression is holy or from another the perfect combination of notes.

    I could go on and on, but won't. Thanks for the question!